Efektivitas Penerapan Sanksi Denda Terhadap Tindak Pelanggaran Lalu Lintas Studi di Pengadilan Negeri Mataram

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Muhammad Zainuddin


The state is responsible for safety of every citizen. Safety frommany dangers that threaten life and soul, no metter how every citizen should be protected. Occasionally, the state efforts are accepted by citizen as something excessive. Thus, it is not uncommon in practice cause reactionsas the pros and cons in public without seeing and understands what the base objectives of the state efforts. Moreover, the state with legislative powers through various waysto protect the security and safety of citizens, one of them with the establishment of various laws and regulations intended to preserve and protect life and soul of citizens. Related to policies of penalty sanctions in LawNumber 22 Year 2009 regarding Traffic and Road Transportation, that was one of the government's efforts to protect the citizens. On the other side, with relatively high nominal fines which can make new problems, including the increasing number of violations that did by the perpetrators of road transport driver themselves.

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Zainuddin, Muhammad. 2017. “Efektivitas Penerapan Sanksi Denda Terhadap Tindak Pelanggaran Lalu Lintas Studi Di Pengadilan Negeri Mataram”. JATISWARA 30 (3). https://doi.org/10.29303/jtsw.v30i3.112.